You will gain skills as a 3D visualizer and learn how to make cool renders. You will work on an example of a real working project

Do you want to learn how to create IKEA-level interior visualizations in a week?

IKEA catalog level interior
video tutorials with practical tasks, homework checks and support from a practicing teacher - an experienced 3D visualizer who has been working on the market for more than 5 years
Format of learning
  • beginners from scratch

  • Specialists in 3D visualization and interior designers

  • Anyone who is interested in 3D graphics
Who can take this Course?
What kinds of interiors will you create in this intensive course?
What will you get after the intensive?
The ability to create any interiors. The lessons are designed to get you started modeling and designing interiors from scratch.
All the skills that any 3D visualizer needs for a full-fledged job.
Chips and life hacks from the 3DCLUB school
A lesson on lighting interior as a gift!

How can you do it in 2 weeks from scratch?
Working with the viewport, basic functions, modifiers
What is it? Types of floor generator
Editable Poly, furniture modeling
Editing finished models
Textures and procedural maps
Basic functions, simple and complex materials

Setting up, working with HDRI, light sources
Building a room. Walls, windows, doors
Customization materials: wood, brick, fabrics, etc.
What is it? Types, closeups
After- effect
Post-processing in Photoshop
Completion of the interior. Delivery of work
How to make your work unique and maintain quality
What will you learn in the intensive course?
Software installation, main functions and modifiers
Editing finished models.

Cleaning of "garbage" (decluttering) , difficulties and situations that arise in working with the scene.
Frame composition
Working with light and objects, their correct positioning and rotation, working with colors and rhythms. We learn to work with the camera, determine the viewing angle, etc.
Built-in 3D rendering processing, work with lightmix. Tools, how to make a "relishing" picture already at the exit from 3ds Max, sharpness, shine, contrast.
Working with materials
Basic functions, creating your own materials, editing existing ones and replacing them.
Textures and light
Learn how to add a background behind a window using Photoshop and 3ds Max tools. We make day and evening lighting options from one picture, combining daylight and artificial light in the interior.
Modeling of any cabinet furniture and interior items.
Construction and modeling of walls, window and door openings according to drawings.

Who is suitable for the intensive "Interior of the level of IKEA catalogs"?

Our intensive is suitable for absolutely everyone, since 3D interior visualization can be not only your main job and source of income, but also a creative hobby.
Learn to work from scratch in 3D visualization programs. Learn how to quickly create renders. Change the field of activity and get the opportunity to earn extra money
The intensive will help you become a specialist in the field of 3D visualization, earn more by implementing your interior ideas without the help of visualizers.
Our intensive will give you a solid base, you will learn how to work independently in 3ds Max and get more orders.
Interior designers
Architects, Builders

This Intensive course will help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from making great renders.

and also understand how you can continue your development in this sphere.

I have never worked in 3ds Max
To successfully start working in 3D visualization, it is enough to have the skills to work with the basic functionality of the program. Just all this awaits you at the IKEA intensive lessons.
I don't have a specialized education
To start working as a 3D visualizer, this is absolutely not important. You can get a profession from scratch at any time, without studying it before, and in a few weeks you can reach your first income.
I don't know where to start and I don't have a portfolio
We will teach you how to quickly create 3D interior visualizations, share tricks and life hacks in working with programs. You will be able to create a portfolio of 6-10 works in a month, which will allow you to start working with clients or work in the studio.
After the end of the course, will I be able to take the first orders in 3D?
This intensive gives a base with which you can already work. You will be able to continue more in-depth training with even greater immersion in the profession. You will make the first works for the portfolio, which will give you the opportunity to find the first clients.
Is it necessary to have experience in 3D or be a designer in order to successfully pass the intensive?
Not necessarily. The knowledge and skills that we give at the IKEA intensive are available even to a beginner.
How much can I earn after training?
After the intensive, you will become a valuable specialist, you will be able to get a job in a prestigious studio or freelance and earn from 50,000 rubles / month.
What skills will I get after training?
During training, we perform all stages of creating models: modeling, mapping, creating cabinet furniture from scratch according to drawings, setting up materials for it.
Will I find a job after this course?
Every day, there are 60+ vacancies in this area on job search resources. You can also take orders on the freelance exchange or find a regular customer. Manage multiple projects at the same time and work at your own pace and format.
Can I buy the intensive course in installments?
There is no installment plan for the intensive, however, you can take our free marathon and get a good discount during the training process.

Do you want the same?

We are sure you will succeed!

After completing the intensive, you will get basic skills in working in 3D visualization programs, master the basic tools and make a cool render for your portfolio. Learn to "play" with colors, light and textures, work with models and compositions, and also have an interesting time in a creative atmosphere of like-minded people :)
You will make the most of this time, get useful practical skills in working in 3D, and also understand how you can continue your development in the profession of a 3D visualizer.

And maybe you will get an interesting, creative new hobby and new friends :)

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